As I lay my head on your chest my gaze will focus, my mind will know peaceand your beating heart will guide me home.

I’ll be back before you know it. Besides, you’re always with me, and me with you. For we are everywhere.


Thank you for being there when I need to talk. Thank you for trying so hard to put a smile on my face (and succeeding). Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for thinking of alternatives to do when I’m bored and alone. Thank you for calling when I have a bad day. Thank you for the pokes, the mentions, and the favourited “twitts”.

Thank you for being your funny, caring, amazing self.
I don’t know what I’d do without you.


See you soon my womanly woman! My lovely, thoughtful, hand squeezing, craft making, briefs wearing girl.

we’re safe when love would come in


a soft bed
to rest our heads
as we spoke of love

eyes perfectly aligned
we let our thoughts escape

as tears of happiness quietly fell
for the words some will never tell

my heart swelled

i carry you, always

we’ll start a brand new colony

Skyping you is the best. Just seeing your face puts a smile on mine! Muaha. You will not catch my goofy expressions!


some days the distance is harder than others
and our conversations reflect our frustration now and then
but we knew this wasn’t going to be the easiest
just know that i am there with you always
in our hearts and in our minds, we reside
so each day we grow, we learn, we love
soon the time will come when our hands are intertwined
our eyes locked and our bodies, one
softly whispering between the sheets

and it’ll be worth every single fucking second waited


But let them hate. I have a wonderful, sexy boyfriend, and I demand to talk to him for the entire trip and lie down and take up two seats and cry and say dirty things.

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